World Cup Rugs

World Cup Rugs is a series of three rugs produced in Nepal as a reaction to the interwoven conflict between the FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar and the rug industry of Nepal. Rugs used to be Nepal’s biggest export, but the craft-based export has been surpassed by the export of cheap migrant labour: Thousands of migrant workers dreaming of a better income and improved livelihood are leaving to work on the construction site of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar – a construction site well known for compromising fundamental human rights. This has caused thousands of fatalities and is additionally undermining local craftsmanship and the economic independence of Nepal.

The World Cup Rugs each materialise a statement from the public debate, appealing to FIFA and the participating nations of the World Cup to insist on persistent ethical changes. The intention is to prompt the international championship to become a driver for improved economic equalities and better working conditions of migrants.  

This rug combines the champions of The FIFA World Cups throughout time into one united rug– from the first championship won by Uruguay in 1930 to the latest World Cup in 2018 won by France. The design emphasises the importance of supporting an international championship without compromising human rights. 

My project translates a complex topic into a functional object by using the power of visual expressions and materiality. The rugs are designed to start a conversation in private homes meanwhile being a beautiful and functional interior piece.

‘A Fight for a Championship not for Survival’
‘Draw the Line’
‘A Battlefield where no Lives must be Lost’

The football field facilitates a peaceful battle between nations. A fight where no live must be lost. Sadly, lives have been lost during the construction of stadiums and infrastructure for the World Cup 2022. Over the past 10 years more than 6.500 migrant workers have passed away in work related deaths at the construction sites in Qatar. This design manifests the horrifying number of lost lives and stresses the fact that action must be taken. 

All designs are created in Denmark, meanwhile the final rugs are produced in Kathmandu, Nepal, in order to support the local rug industry.
The rugs are made from long-lasting materials (wool and hemp) and great Nepalese craftmanship. Thereby the rugs will last a lifetime as evidence of an important debate of 2021/2022 and a reminder to continue the fight for human rights post-World Cup.



Published in Furniture & Object, Textile Design

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