SUPER SWEET SERIES  take into account my own relationship with sugar and the fact that, as a diabetic person, sugar is a substance that harms my body. This relation aroused the paradoxical desire of reconverting harm (sugar) into a constructive material. The work produced under this umbrella conveys cultural, social, and economic issues related to sugar consumption.

SUPER SWEET SERIES overlook the lasting and unique way in which facts, memories, and experiences of childhood can remain with us into adulthood and influence the future. The series is composed of 3 different pieces:



Both as stand-alone objects and as a collective whole, these Bio-plastic based pieces challenge the perception of sugar as food. In SSS, a different approach for sugar is introduced, in the form of building material. This represents the future possibilities for sugar as plausible material and inquires our current relationship with sugar. 

Will one crave a sugary candle holder, piggy bank, or clock?



Published in Furniture & Object

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