Libro Microlibrary

Libro is a sustainable microlibrary narrowly focused on art, design, and architecture. It aims to deliver art to the suburbs and vulnerable districts, making it accessible to everyone.

Each of us has, on some occasion, experienced a problem with finding a source of information. At some point, our research ends with the need for a specific book that can either be purchased or borrowed from a library. Libraries closed by the pandemic give ordinary visitors no chance: at least in Sweden, it’s quite common nowadays to see some libraries being opened only for specific groups of people, such as students or working staff.

The problem becomes more complicated when it comes to art. During the time that I spent working on the project, I rapidly found out that art continues to be regarded as a matter of class. Art resources, such as galleries, art libraries, or creative workshops, are mainly concentrated in the city centers while suburbs and vulnerable areas are neglected. The importance of libraries has been raised by politicians but the appeal has made little difference.

Can I make any changes? This question inspired me to create the concept of a microlibrary. Being simply and universally designed, the library can be erected anywhere: in a park, nearby a metro station, or in the square.

Exterior, 3D-visualisation
Exterior, 3D-visualisation
Exterior, scale model 1:30
Entrance Zone, interior, 3D-visualisation
Reading Zone, interior, 3D-visualisation
Staffroom, interior, 3D-visualisation
Focus room, interior, 3D-visualisation

For this project, I used Åsa – lounge seating furniture designed in collaboration with my classmate Arpie Amirians and small Swedish furniture manufacturer Storängen Design for Stockholm Design Week 2021.

When I created the interior for the Libro, my goal was to use furniture produced and designed only in Sweden to make the library more sustainable. Locally sourced furniture leaves a much smaller carbon footprint thanks to shorter transport distances, local materials, and simplified logistics. I also found this is a great way to support local producers and designers. Since Arpie and I are also designers and have created furniture for a small Swedish manufacturer, I decided that Åsa could perfectly fit into the space and concept I had invented.


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