A functional poem, a narrative Lamp

With the title ‘A functional poem, a narrative Lamp’ this projects seeks to push our understanding of function and narrative. A take were known formats, a lamp and a poem, is revisited when properties of the two exchange. What do we perceive when a poem gets shape and form and when the lamp is telling a story of today?

In collaboration with the danish poet Andreas Amdy Eckhardt-Læssøe (f. 1989) the founding words for the lamps was written. The poem is in its original language danish and written below:

Fremtiden er mørk / den er gået i stykker / er håbet en lampe / et

lys ind i tiderne / som solen / der rækker mig / en hånd ind i

søvnen / en hånd til dagen / og videre / er stadig tung bag øjnene

/ da jeg vågner / træerne i hegnet / er stadig tunge af nat / da

jeg vågner / de ligesom læner sig / ind mod mig/ jeg tror på /

håbet / men at man skal være forsigtig med det / det er ikke /

optimisme / at håbe / at blive kysset / på begge sine øjenlåg

A functional poem, a narrative Lamp
ceramics and handmade textiles

A functional poem, a narrative Lamp is a series of three lamps. and they want more than to just be another lamp. They carry a message.

Published in Furniture & Object, Glass & Ceramics, Textile Design

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